Wednesday, December 7, 2016

From The Shadows Science Fiction/Young Adult

From the Shadows

By: KB Shaw
Genres: Scifi, Fantasy, Young Adult

"A THOUGHTFUL, INTELLIGENT WORK" -- "THIS SERIES HAS A CHANCE TO MAKE IT BIG" -- "MORE THAN MERELY A GREAT STORY" -- An exciting science fiction adventure for readers 12 and up. Adults: Share your love of science fiction with your child or grandchild. Young readers: share it with your parents, grandparents, friends, and teachers. In the near future... "There is peace in the world and civility reigns. It's like our idealistic misconception of the 1950s has become real." --Hector Garza, President of the United States GundTech is a giant international corporation based in Oslo, Norway. Its success is built upon the work of a wunderkind who created the multiCom computer, with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) personality at its core. Under the pretext of protecting the privacy of the young genius, the corporation has never divulged his or her identity. MultiComs are pervasive throughout society. They're at work, in schools, and in homes. It has become tradition that users name their multiComs. Personal AIs often adopt the surname of their primary user. A peculiarity of the multiCom AI is that it will only respond if user requests contain a 'please' and are acknowledged with a 'thank you.' Even presidents and prime ministers must be polite to their multiComs. Some sociologists claim that the basic decency requirements have contributed to civility in contemporary society. Now, sixteen years later, the reclusive former child prodigy is about to unleash a technological revolution that could threaten a peaceful world. The Interactive Holographic Transporter (IHT) may render the current computing industry obsolete, instantly shaking the world economy to its core. IHT technology may also be physically dangerous and pose a threat to personal privacy. When GundTech introduces the IHT, they also announce the formation of an IHT academy that will allow select students from around the world to take part in a virtual class. These events set two teens on a path that will entwine their lives with those of a young reporter and the former child prodigy. Cameron Rush and Rosa Costas are best friends, even though they have never met in person. Cameron lives in Troy, a small town in Wisconsin, while Rosa lives on a ranch outside Albuquerque, New Mexico. Unabashed technology geeks, they become friends on the comNet while competing in a contest sponsored by GundTech. They are typical fifteen-year-olds living in their isolated worlds of family, school and friends.
Cameron's schoolmates call him boring. He's an A/B student, second-seat trumpet in the school band, fourth-string halfback, and tenth-man on the basketball team. He is unbelievably meek and takes grief for it from others. He likes a challenge.
At 5'-1", Rosa Costas is vivacious and petite. She is as outgoing as Cameron is meek. A friend once described her as "a hundred-pound package wrapped in a ton of personality." Rosa is also deceptively tough. Her mantel full of rodeo trophies attests to this fact. On the weekends and during vacations, she works as a cowgirl on a ranch. She is adept at languages and, like Cameron, enjoys solving puzzles and overcoming challenges. Meagan Fletcher, technology reporter for the World Broadband Network, has never named her multiCom AI. Because she knows the potential dangers technology can pose, she prefers to use her multiCom in manual mode, bypassing the AI altogether. She doesn't trust it--and she trusts GundTech even less. It is a company that seems too good to be true. Meagan is on a mission to expose the mysterious inventor behind GundTech and discover the computer company's true intent. As Rosa, Cameron, and Meagan race toward their destiny, they are oblivious to the dangers that lie ahead.


Andrew Rating: 5.0 I almost want to say this book is theatrical. By this I mean the writing is dramatic. It's a visual piece that sets a futurist world unique to the author. Some of the best writing happens when authors refuse to give readers a comfort zone. They make things fresh. New. Unique. This is set in an original future you won't read anywhere else. Technology has taken over. One can now experience virtual simulations and long distance communication without realizing the imaging has tricked the eye. This is fantastic in a science fiction sense. The vocabulary and equipment is thick, yet well explained. From The Shadows isn't only meant to entertain, it's meant to educate. Children reading books like this at a younger age, I feel, will be more interested in science in the future. As a nerd myself, that is how it turned out to be for me and so I must thank authors like K. B. Shaw. They show that reading can truly make a difference in youth. This story in particular I believe to be part of a series? The end was a little open, so I imagine there is more to come. Five stars. Recommended for parents of children interested in the fictional sciences. Margie Rating: 5.0 This novel is meant for the youth. I am a full grown adult. The science fiction in this novel still managed to puzzle me! I know it's categorized under young adult, but that is largely due to the younger characters "From The Shadows" is revolved around. The actual themes of this novel are pleasing to all ages, not just children. As I said there is a lot of science fiction in this novel, but also a lot of mystery, as well. Even the ending was mysterious in my opinion. And I will confess that at the end I had to check myself and re-read it because I wasn't entirely sure what just happened, but I can now say with almost 100% certainty that this won't be the end for these kids. There's still a lot left to explore as far as the horror/mystery goes. Spoiler free! But yes I did just let slip that there is a little horror in this. Not enough to really add a genre, but it does get a little dark. As far as pacing goes, I thought this was a fast ride. Once you click with the characters and get an understanding of each of the different plot lines that later meld together, it gets really easy to keep the pace.

Rating: 5.0
From the start of this novel I felt entranced. The text is alluring in ways very few can uphold for any duration of time. Novels that typically start out with this suspenseful, edge of your seat writing style typically lose it over the coarse of the novel. It's rare to find something that manages to hold your interest even after many of the curiosities are revealed. From The Shadows kept my interest the whole way through. I understand how the explanations of the technology could pose a threat to this style, but I found the explanations were brief and executed properly for a young Adult's novel. I didn't feel lost, overwhelmed, or disappointed by the technology stand point of this novel. In fact, I thought it was just right for the length of this story. It was an extra little bit here and there that added to the wonder of this author's original futuristic mystery. As for the rest if this story, it sparked my inner nerd. Cameron was my favorite character because he reminded me much of a friend I had myself as a child. This was exactly the kind of world I would fantasize about growing up, and I love it. From The Shadows makes me feel young and wondrous. It's largely due to this reason that I can't see how a young nerd wouldn't love this. I am recommending this novel to anyone over the age of 12 interested in high tech fiction.

Mary Beth
Rating: 5.0
I would have LOVED to find a book like this when I was younger! It's a heavy YA science fiction novel about a group of kids and the incredible developments in science! I must confess, when I read all of those awesome quotes from big time review companies, I thought... "Seriously"? But YES. SERIOUSLY. I could easily see this turned into a science fiction movie or at least one of those mandatory school book reads for young adults in either middle or high school. Aside from the heavy science fiction, you learn a great deal of life lessons in this, too. Particularly, this story revolved around the relationship of friends, since this is about a group of futuristic kids, although mainly a girl and a boy who live very far apart. Thanks to technology, it feels as though there is no distance between them, and I feel if this weren't fiction, the world would be much better off. We'd be in tune, cultured in ways we simply cannot be today, and not nearly as heart broken as we so often are. I felt this novel had a steady pace. It held my interest the whole way through. The fact that the author uses description so beautifully only helps the already engaging plot. I adored the writing style, especially since it is a little unique. I hope this book gains in popularity, because it deserves a chance to hit the spotlight!

Rating: 3.5
I wasn't as impressed by this novel as I expected to be.
I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review from myself as well as the other members of my books club. My friends were quite impressed by this author's work, so I suppose I was a little disappointed given my heightened expectations.
I was expecting something heavy in the science fiction department and therefore futuristic and nothing like anything I've ever read before.
Although it's true a lot of the things in this novel were new to me, just as many aspects were familiar.
It's a good children's sci-fi novel.
It simply didn't spark that little something tucked away in every reader's mind. I had to pick up and put down the book numerous times rather than do a solid read through, which usually impacts (in a bad way) my overall opinion of a book.
Like I said, it's good.
The science is solid and characters as developed as one might expect considering this is a children's book. Would I have liked to see a few differences particularly in the speed of the story? Sure. I would have liked it to have a faster pace.
But that is merely my own opinion.

Rating: 5.0
As a huge science fiction nerd, this was kick ass. It's more than technology. This novel has a mysterious element added to it, which helps with the uncertainty of scientific advancements. This book keeps readers guessing, is what I'm trying to say. When you're thrown into a new world/universe by the author's own creation, anything can happen! You don't know what's illusion, what's real, yadi yada.
From the shadows is a mystery scifi written for all ages. It's about the greatest modern advancements, corruption, and yet also innocence.
It's a relatively average read as far as length goes. And the pace is also considered average.
It's steady, as it is solid.
If you're looking for a long term read that will keep your interest for an extended period of time, I think you should give this book a try.