Friday, November 4, 2016

Thandi's Love Historical Fiction/Romance

Thandi's Love

By: Angel Strong
Genres: Historical Fiction, Romance

DESCRIPTION: Set in the South during the mid 1800's Thandi's Love explores the life of cotton plantation owner Tom Lexington. After a particularly generous yield, he asks his Aunt Lacey to send additional servants to help with the harvest. Tom is delighted that his good friends Thandi and Isaac will be coming to stay, the sibling servants he grew up with as a child. He welcomes them with open arms and has them stay in the mansions guestrooms.
However, his frightfully horrific wife Anna soon puts a stop to that saying she will not have slaves staying in the house, which marks the beginning of her callous ways. Following a terrible row between Tom and Anna, Thandi and Tom find themselves alone in the beautifully kept gardens. Soon tender moments lead to passionate lovemaking. With suspicions mounting, Daniel Stafford, Anna's father, instructs Tom to stay away from Thandi. He also reminds Tom of the past deals struck between them, and that all the plantation's slaves rightfully belong to him. Stafford takes Anna home for a break, and in their absence he sends his associate Victor to keep an eye on affairs,who in which instantly takes a keen liking to Thandi. With news that his beloved Aunt is dying,Toms pays her a visit and learns a shocking piece of news concerning himself and Thandi. Slowly the facts are revealed. Not only facts of the here and now, but also deep dark secrets from the past... Will Thandi and Tom end up in each others arms? Will Anna and Stafford fight them to the bitter end? ... Or will Thandi succumb to the charms of another? Step back in time and take a journey through undeniable love, forever friendships, selfless sacrifices, and unforgettable breathtaking moments that will leave you yearning for more...


Rating: 4.5
This is a longer story that requires a little extra time and attention to fully appreciate. I'd say it's almost a dark historical romance about slavery, racism, multiracial relationships, commitment, and manipulation.
The feel of this novel, including the romance, isn't quite as light as I'm used to. In fact, it's very heavy because it's very real.
There was a lot of drama in this novel caused by things, I think most people can agree, would be considered ridiculous in this day and age. That's of course a good thing because it struck a chord for me as a reader. It got me invested in Thandi's life as a slave, lover, and human being.
The historical racism, manners, setting, and text are on point. And anyone who knows me as a reader/reviewer knows I can't get enough of accurate historical fiction!
Thandi is a slave who falls in love with the man of the house she serves. As a reader, it was easy to sympathize with her character. She's a passionate woman, so it's no wonder another man falls for her while her married lover, Tom, is out.
At first, I found it kind of hard to place just how I felt about Tom. But as the story unraveled, I grew rather fond of his character.
I usually have an issue with longer stories, but the author's writing style made this a smooth and enjoyable journey. As always, I try to keep away from spoilers, but this is truly an interesting, dark, and suspenseful take on historical romance that I think many readers will enjoy.
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  1. Thank you so much for this glowing review! It's always inspiring when an author receives feedback. :)