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Inception: A Search For Redemption In The Ruins Of The Lies Thriller/Mystery/Crime

Inception: A Search For Redemption In The Ruins Of The Lies

By: Tolman Farrah Geffs
Genres: Thriller, Crime, Mystery

DESCRIPTION: Alex, a college student in California with a secret to reveal, brings together Dolph Sanderson and Cynthia Applegate for the first time since their brief encounter twenty-one years ago, so he can deliver it face-to-face. He discovers that coincidentally, Dolph also has a secret to reveal.
The deception that led Dolph down a path culminating in the darkest recesses of the human heart became a threat to those whom he loves. In the tumult that unfolds, he finds what he had not been pursuing--the love of the woman he had never forgotten.
Dolph had played a key role in uncovering a child porn operation. A most unusual couple, serving as Dolph's security team, identify disgraced Detective Sergeant Timothy O'Haleran, a good man seething with suppressed rage, as one of the porn ring s victims. Together they uncover clues leading to Arthur, a wealthy and powerful society patron of the arts, as the man behind the pedophiles and voyeurs that had destroyed Timothy's life. Tim had come to believe that he was too damaged for human relationships, but the act of eliminating the monster who had orchestrated the ruin of so many young lives finally puts the horrors of his childhood behind him. His capacity to feel some pity for this immensely wealthy but pitiful degenerate restores his humanity; Timothy finally feels like a member of the human race.
Unfortunately, the threat to Dolph and those whom he loves is still very real, as there is yet another individual involved who will not hesitate to kill to shield his identity.
Fate never sleeps as lives that are lost are found again in this romantic thriller about the good that can come from the darkest of deeds.


Rating: 4.5
This is a very dark and almost crude novel about some disturbing topics most wouldn't dare talk about. I appreciate the author's bravery in speaking his voice on the matters at hand.
This book is one of those reads that jump around a lot. It's hard to keep up at points but over all this method kept my interest, making this a fast read.
The mysterious aspects come mainly from information that is steadily unraveled throughout the novel. This helps to not overwhelm the reader since there is just so much going on. If it were written any other way I feel I would have lost interest, so to me this writing style is perfect for the heaviness of this novel. Some dark themes include underaged pornography and well, crime, of course. But there is also a little heart to heart lighting up the pages, as well. Over all I liked the suspense and the mystery. It was a pleasant, VERY DARK read that just so happens to be right up my alley!
I would recommend this to readers who don't mind a dark, mysterious journey that has the potential to get "under your skin", so to speak.
I look forward to reading more of this author's work since I'm assuming this is the intriguing style he follows.
Excellent dark mystery!
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