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In Mistletoe

In Mistletoe

By: Tammy L. Bailey
Genres: Romance, Holiday Fiction

DESCRIPTION: At twenty-five, Grace Evans is steadily picking up the pieces of everyone else’s life. So, when her younger sister decides to turn into a runaway bride just four weeks before the wedding, Grace, drops everything to chase after her and bring her back home. Only, when the trail leads to Mistletoe, Washington, she finds herself at the mercy of the town’s most handsome and emotionally unavailable bachelor.
Ex-Army officer, Ayden McCabe, has three creeds in life: never make the first move, never fall in love, and never take anyone to Mistletoe’s Christmas Dance. Wanting nothing more than to keep his matchmaking sister from meddling in his personal life, he agrees to help Grace if she agrees to play his girlfriend. Too brunette and meek for his taste, Ayden believes Grace can’t tempt him enough to break any of his creeds. He could not be more wrong.

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Davi Rating: 5.0 Magical Holiday Romance Toward the end of this novel, there is a ball. (Mistletoe, Washington's Christmas Dance) Why am I bringing this up? That was absolutely my favorite scene of all! It was such a romantic setting and it brought the whole story to a fabulous conclusion! It made me want to drag my Boy Toy to the nearest ballroom, pop on a gown, and make him dance with me! Stunning imagery throughout this whole book and way to get me emotionally attached to these characters, girly! But it's not all dim lighting and classical tunes, ladies. There were quite a few jabs in here that made me laugh so loud I got weird looks from the people riding the bus with me! This main girl, Grace, is to die for. She's such a strong woman in her own way, it was so refreshing to see her let up toward the end, you know? Give up some of that control. As for Ayden, I think that sex god made a perfect hero for our heroine. I love love love love holiday fiction, and this was no exception. It tied romance into the season and create a spectacular meeting and relationship development between the two characters. Only thing that would make this better is if it were longer and all of the add ons were more of that erotica! Melt some of that snow with fiery passion, right, ladies? Gentlemen? Anyway, I loved this.

Rating: 5.0
In Mistletoe is a comedic holiday romance full of light deceit and suspense. The main characters are polar opposites when it comes to what/who takes precedence in their lives.
Grace worries about anyone and everyone but herself (namely her engaged sister) while Ayden refuses to let anyone else into his life. It's a ying/yang relationship that catches both off guard when they realize that despite their differences, they're perfect for one another. In a way, they complete each other.
As far as the actual story goes...
Grace's sister skips town just before her wedding. Since she's vicariously living through her sister's life, Grace doesn't hesitate to play hero in running after her. Where her search leads her? The town of Mistletoe!
Thinking he can help in her search, Grace agrees to deceive Ayden's sister into believing they're in a relationship. I always find these silly little situations hilarious, so I thought that was a warm and welcome development to this story and an appropriate compromise given the characters.
Alright, so no spoilers.
But if you're looking for a warm and cozy holiday romance to kick off this winter season, you can't go wrong with "In Mistletoe".
I received a free pre-release copy of this novel from the author.

Mary Beth
Rating: 5.0
This was such a fast read! You pick it up and Bam! Before you know it you've read the whole thing!! From the get go you're caught by the writing style and introduction to these relatable, almost over the top characters. It draws you in with drama, suspense, and intrigue. I could see some of these events playing out in like a TV drama. The bride goes missing, the sister makes it her mission to drag her back for the perfect wedding, the stubborn help who turns out to be some hunky arm candy! Really, the whole thing would make a fascinating movie as far as romantic holiday drama goes. (A guilty pleasure movie I would definitely go see)
The reading flows easy. This isn't one of those novels where the writer tries to trip you up by showing off their ridiculous vocabulary. This author instead focuses on the story and character developments, which I personally prefer. In Mistletoe is a fun, thought out romance that is perfect for reading beside a fireplace with a cup of cocoa in hand!

Rating: 5.0
This is a very sweet romance story about a girl who fixes the lives of everyone but herself. She's very set in her ways, so you can tell she's been doing this for a while. She's so caught up in everyone else's lives that she can't focus on her own!! Sadly, I have been there so I know what that's like. It made it very easy to relate to her character and kept me invested in the outcome. Ayden, the man Grace meets when trying to find her sister, took me a little longer to warm up to. He's got his guard up and seems more than a little stubborn. He does NOT want to fall in love, and he makes it very clear. But with his own family pusher, he thinks he may have found just the right person to bring him back into the clear. Yes, a plot is afoot, for he wants to use Grace as a fake girlfriend in exchange for helping her with her own sister issues. This book has a steady build as far as romance goes, I liked that. Eventually, you warm up to all of the characters and feel your heart swoon the further and further the relationship develops. All in all I absolutely loved this book. It is a perfect holiday romance for the season and I recommend it to all readers of the romance genre!

Rating: 4.5 Ayden, what a SASS hat! OMG he is seriously such a misunderstood tool at first! Not going to lie, tho, I did grow to love that clown. His story is brave and admirable, even if it's not talked about quite as much as Grace's since the story focuses mainly in the fact that she's trying to find a runaway bride. (Her sister- I don't think that counts as a spoiler cuz it's really early in the story!!) Still, his character is certainly described in the most perfect f*ckin way ever just to make you fall in love with that tool. He's a sexy soldier with a heart long since locked away, but the holiday fairies aren't having any of that bull. As date would have it, Grace is about to barreling into his life and right through that steel cage around his cold and dreary heart! Not gonna lie, I found myself fangirling over this pair on more that one occasion. Steady/kind of faster paced story so long as it's your kind of genre. Recommended for romance and holiday fiction fans.

Rating: 4.5 Okay, I have to love a story with a main character that has the same appearance and practically identical personality as me I mean hellooo~ can she get any more perfect? Bland brunette my butt! She is gorgeous inside and out and as the story progresses, IT SHOWS! I love transformation pieces like this. They really catch the reader's attention and leave you with some sort of an after thought. In this case I got a better look of myself through Jess partially because we are spookily similar. She's got that mother hen thing going for her and from experience I do know that can get a bit extreme and overwhelming. It was a good experience for me to see or well, read it, I suppose, on someone else. Noooot always an attractive look, I've realized. Because of Grace's dilemma, she meets Ayden, a real man and her best hope in feeding her "lifestyle"/as it turns out, changing it. As I said this is a transformation story about two very different individuals coming together and changing for the better. Change is a good thing and "In Mistletoe" really emphasizes this point. This is my favorite holiday romance so far and it's made me pumped for the season!

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