Thursday, November 10, 2016

Family Illusions Mystery/Suspense

Family Illusions

By: Bess George
Genres: Suspense, Mystery, romance

DESCRIPTION: Her life was a lie.
Charlie Gomez always fantasized about a better life or at least a job that didn’t involve scrubbing other people’s toilets. The death of her mother reveals a past that’s based on lies and an unexpected inheritance gives her the opportunity to become a private investigator—the perfect chance to learn a skill for the future while she figures out the past. There’s only one negative in this new gig and that’s her antagonistic sexy new boss. He has nothing left but a company on the brink of bankruptcy. Jaxon Roberts was a street orphan who survived and thrived thanks to the kindness of a generous benefactor. But when his adopted father passes away, he’s left with the daunting task of saving McKenzie Investigations and a major surprise: his father left a biological heir, and she’s the key to his company’s survival. As tension and rivalry give way to love, dark shadows of the past put their future—and their lives—in grave danger. When Charlie disappears, Jaxon is faced with a choice…walk away and preserve the world he knows, or fight for a future with the one woman who can truly teach him what family is all about.


Rating: 5.0
It's safe to say everyone knows I have an obsession with books covers. They're important because they set the mood for the novel and this cover is a perfect example of that! Immediately, I was drawn to this book. I didn't have to read the description to know this was going to be a suspenseful mystery because the cover already told me so. Excellent choice, Ms. George! The style and image create an exciting gateway to the suspenseful like SERIOUSLY SUSPENSEFUL journey Bess George has written for us! Jaxon and Charlie both have incredible, well developed backstories that MAKE this novel what it is... A mind twisting work of fiction that will keep you glued to it's pages until you hit that glorious finale! The characters, as I've said, are wonderful. They're real, easy to relate to, and just over all very strong fictional characters. It was easy to feel attached to them and their stories both as individuals and as partners on this twisted, investigative journey. I felt this work was of a fast pace. There was a lot of questions that popped into my mind while reading it, so I was desperate to keep scrolling until they were all answered. The series "A Hidden Dangers" is going to be a very successful string of fiction if the rest of the novels are even half as capturing as this one! Well done, Ms. George and please please please keep up the good work!

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