Friday, November 11, 2016

Enigma Erotica/Romance


By: Vanessa Leibe
Genres: Erotica, Romance

DESCRIPTION: Mark and Lucy Fuller have a great marriage, or so they think. But there is always room for improvement and there is one side to their marriage that they have never discussed or indulged in and that is their fantasies. When Lucy is referred to a new club where they can enact their fantasies, albeit only be intimate with one another, they become members and discover a whole new side to their marriage with some interesting and positive results.
READER ALERT!: Mark had no idea being kidnapped by his wife could be so arousing or that she could spank so well. Caution! When you read about Mark and Lucy’s sexual fantasies you may need that cold shower. Join them on a wet, wild and deliciously sensual ride and dare to wonder about your own.

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Rating: 5.0
I just ADORE the dynamic of Mark and Lucy's relationship. They love one another and they're both secretly freaks! What's not to love? Sexual fantasies for this couple is not a thing they discuss. They love each other and they're content with how things are. BUT it is something they do eventually experiment with because, let's get real, things can always be better in the realm of sexy time.
This author's writing is hot Hot HOT! Yes, you will need that cold shower ladies and gentlemen!
Sexual fantasies are typically something you only share with a person you trust. A person you know won't judge you for them.
This is a story about a couple not only opening up this whole new chapter in their sex life, but their marriage, as well. It's not just sexy, or freaky, or fucking amazing, it's also romantic... in a really weird, twisted way that you'll only understand if you know how hard it is to express yourself completely and in full with the person you love.
I have to give this five stars because it is as brilliant and sexy as it is sweet. Lovely combination!
I recommend this for any and all fans of erotica. It's really a must read for anyone with fantasies. Oh! And another thing! It's actually kind of short, which makes it fast and fun! You can sit down with it and finish it in... oh... maybe an hour? Hour and a half? I love erotica like that. Fast and engaging. Doesn't everyone?


  1. Thanks so much for the review Davi. Loved the 'freaks' part lol

    1. David would like me to tell you- and trust me, I quote- "You are so welcome baby girl! Freaky sex is the best sex" end quote.