Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Desire And Deception Erotica

Desire And Deception

By: Sharon Buchbinder
Genres: Erotica, Romance

KINDLE: $2.99

DESCRIPTION: Pampered princess and daughter of a Mexican crime boss, Isabel (Izzy) Ramirez is a newly appointed assistant professor working toward tenure and promotion. Driven by voracious desires, including ambition for advancement in the legitimate world and lust for her boy toy, Izzy’s house of cards is threatened when the department chair confronts her about a major transgression. Izzy’s take no prisoners approach means she makes sure her boss can never expose her deceptions.
Graduate assistant and guy-on-the-side, Sean Richards wants Izzy to leave her sleazy husband. If she would only get away from that crook, he’s convinced that he can bring out the better woman who exists beneath Izzy’s tough sex siren exterior. He adores his hot blooded Latina and will do her bidding--up to a point. Despite the mind blowing sex, he can’t and won’t murder for her. As Izzy’s nosy parker friend and colleague doggedly follows an obscure trail of clues about the department chair’s death, Izzy is forced to choose between reverting to the ways of her unredeemable father--or becoming the extraordinary woman she sees in Sean’s loving eyes.


Rating: 5.0
Alright. This is a five star must-read right here!
Izzy is the tough, sexy Latino bad girl of every kinky man's dreams! Like the title suggests, she is a desirable beauty full of deceit. This is a woman who knows what she wants and won't think twice about manipulating people into doing her dirty work for her. Even so, Sean, her boy toy, knows there's more to this sex goddess than a hot body and devil's persona. She's got a softer side, and he's going to bring it out.
This is an erotic telling of a bad girl's transformation into her true potential.
I adore Izzy at the start of the story, but by the end I think it's safe to say I fell in love with her more vulnerable, not quite as hot headed self. She's an excellent main character and a role model for those of us perhaps not fortune enough to have that white picket fence upbringing.
As for the writing style, this is a fast read given the well described setting and unraveling drama. I would definitely watch a soap opera about these characters, just saying! It's got heat, passion, and a whole lot of drama!

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