Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Beyond Duty Mystery/Thriller/Romance

Beyond Duty

By: Stanalei Fletcher
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Romance

DESCRIPTION: Northstar Security agent, Riley O’Neal, balks at posing as anyone’s husband for an assignment. Nevertheless, to rescue the kidnapped wife of a U.S. Senator, he’ll perform his duty and do his best to resist the charms of the very woman who deceived him on a previous mission.
U.S. Army Lt. Mary “Chip” Anderson is uneasy about the undercover assignment to pose as newlyweds. Concealing her attraction to Riley while staying focused on the task, may be the biggest challenge. Despite efforts to remain objective, enforced proximity ignites emotions and a desire to make the fake honeymoon real. When Chip is kidnapped during a botched rescue attempt of the senator's wife, both women become pawns in the case that threatens the nation’s security. Riley must remain objective, save the women, and avert the threat. But after that, can he convince Chip that she wants to wear his ring forever?


Rating: 4.5
Beyond Duty is a standalone despite being the third book in the North Star Security series.
This book is heavy on the "Secret Agent" aspect. It's all about deceit, finding a kidnapper, and keeping things platonic between Chip and Riley.
Chip is a very strong female character. I'm always looking for a character like her in the books I read, so I was pleased to find she's a huge part of this story. The beauty of powerful women is often overlooked, so I feel a I must also give the author "props" for pulling that off.
Riley, likewise, is a strong male character. Both are agents assigned to portray a married couple in order to complete their mission.
Their mission being to find a kidnapping victim/Chip's personal friend.
As things get more and more intense, real feelings of romance between the pair start to surface.
Given the situation, I feel the author did a fantastic job of keeping the stressful situation light for the reader by adding tasteful lines of humor throughout the text.
Although humor is not a main category for this book, it is in there.
As a whole, this romance/suspense novel is pretty well done. I would have liked more romance, but what is not said is made up for by actions that clearly express Chip and Riley's romantic feelings without the need for sexual intimacy.
The writing style is engaging, making this a relatively fast read for fans of romantic suspense.


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