Saturday, November 12, 2016

An Uptown Girl And A Cowboy Western Romance

An Uptown Girl And A Cowboy

By: Lorelei Confer
Genres: Western Romance, Suspense

DESCRIPTION: Samantha, a New York City girl wanna be wildlife photographer, travels to Saddle Creek, Wyoming to begin a new life for herself. After a horrendous travel day she meets a burly, strong-muscled cowboy who instills in her a sexual attraction like no other. After numerous threats on her life, Elliott comes to her rescue. Is he only offering protection or much, much more?
Elliott Bouchard, who thinks he already married the love of his life and still blames himself for her death is wildly entertained by Samantha’s naiveté of country life, and begins to feel again. His emotions run wild when he readily comes to her aid to protect her from villainous terrorization. Will she be the one to set him free? Although Elliott comes to her aid, will he arrive in time to save her or will history repeat itself and she dies in his arms?


Mary Beth
Rating: 5.0
Oh I am so glad I got approved to read this book! It just looked so gosh darn adorable as far as the description and cover goes, I had to request it! Now I'm happy to say that it follows through with the book's interior, as well! At times, this is a sweet romance story about Samantha, a new to the southern country city girl with aspirations of becoming a wildlife photographer, and Elliott, a strong, handsome cowboy. At other times, this sweet story takes a dark, heavy, suspenseful turn or two. This isn't just a romance, it's a thriller! Elliott lost who he thought was the only woman he could ever love, but when Samantha comes into the picture, he starts to feel something he hasn't felt in a long time. She's a warm little dork when it comes to nature and truly a dove when it comes to her fragility. He wants to protect her from the dangers she's soon to face and this creates a terrifying bond of intimacy between them. This is a lovely suspenseful romance and it deserves all five stars!

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