Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Moonlight Market Erotica/Romance/Adventure/Fantasy

KINDLE: $5.99
DESCRIPTION: College senior Cory Long tracked his missing sister to the magical Moonlight Market to bring her home. Instead, he found a disorienting world of performers and hawkers, bizarre sights and sounds, and one very familiar showman, Sanderson Beets. Like a drowning man, he latched onto Sanderson, trusting him to navigate the twists and turns of the Market as unerringly as he had steered Cory to passion in their furtive trysts on campus.
But Sanderson was tired of being the quickie in the alley. Sanderson Beets had escaped the Moonlight Market to attend college, hoping to settle into a normal life, maybe meet someone and fall in love. To obtain that new life he made a dangerous bargain. And when the sinister woman known as the Weaver of Dreams is involved, second chances always come with strings attached...and sacrifices. Sanderson’s debt has come due, and the only payment he has to offer is Cory, and their chance at a relationship.


Mary Beth
Rating: 5.0
Genres: Erotica, lgbqt, romance, fantasy, adventure
The Moonlight Market is a charming tale of romance, adventure, and magic. At first you're thrown into something hot and heavy. That's the first tug on a long spool of thread (Ha! You'll only get it if you read the story) that is unraveled throughout the chapters of this book. The author likes to keep you on your toes by throwing you all around the story. (Past, present, future, dream, reality) Usually, this kind of writing I find confusing. However, the author of this book has managed to do this in such a way that keeps the story light and engaging. Instead of frustration, you feel excitement. You want to know how these little snippets fit into the big picture. Now onto the story line...
Cory and Sanderson are the two main characters in this book. Personally, I fell in love with their relationship right away. They're both afraid to express themselves, so instead they start out as a steamy hook up. (The sex scenes in this are amazing, by the way!)
It's after the fact that readers learn more about these two. Mainly, you learn about their family lives/how their strained family relationships came to be. I'm trying very hard to keep away from spoilers.
So I'll just say both back stories are explained throughout the rising action of this novel. And both combine to create a heart throbbing climax to this incredibly original story about family, finding what's been lost, and a spectacularly described carnival aka The Moonlight Market. Five stars!

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