Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Re-Wired Scifi

RE-WIRED By: Greg Dragon
KINDLE: $2.99 PRINT: $6.99
DESCRIPTION: Robotics student Brad Barkley has created the perfect woman. The only problem is she's an android, and her creator realizes too late he may have made her too perfect. After Brad's ultimate failure with women nearly consumes him, he discovers Tricia, his android, may be able to rescue him from a life of loneliness, if he and the human race are willing to pay the price.


Mary Beth
Rating: 5.0
This is insane. And I mean that in a HOLY MIND FUCK THIS IS AMAZING sort of way. This novel will have you glued to it's pages from start to finish. Greg Dragon has created a unique, science fiction master piece that will confuse the hell out of you! The author uses a mix of robotics, romance, addiction, and those wonderful negative family relationships we all know and love to craft an original story you won't see coming. It starts off with the main nerd, Brad. He's a genius in his own right, but not when it comes to women. Like the description says, he becomes determined in creating an artificial woman to solve this problem. But at what cost? Lose yourself in this engaging sci-fi novel. I promise you, you haven't read anything like it before. I love how the author manages to explore the horrors of poor choices through such an engaging, off beat path I can honestly say I've never taken before. It keeps you invested in the characters, and despite the endless guessing on the reader's part, it will still manage to surprise you. Bravo, good sir. You've successfully made an AI nerd out of me.

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