Monday, October 10, 2016

M/M Erotica Master Ignazio Review

Master Ignazio
By: L. Washington
(A Mr. Penn Short Story)

Review By: Paige Olivar
Rating: 5.0
I read Mr. Penn by: L. Washington for my book club ( then decided to try out it's sister book, Master Ignazio.
Master Ignazio is basically the same story as Mr. Penn except with one key difference. The reader finally gets to read in Mr. Penn's POV instead of Nicholas Ignazio's. Not only do the events play out in the butler's POV, but the reader learns more about Mr. Penn's personal life, as well.
Our suspicions of "Agatha" being Mr. Penn's lover are confirmed. Also, we learn that Mr. Penn had daddy issues and was therefore "glad" to be sold to the mafia, who he believes to be his true family.
Even though it's the "same story", it feels different. It's hard to tell just how insane Nicholas is, which leads readers to believe that perhaps Mr. Penn, himself, doesn't realize Nicholas is an actual psychopath. I like the alternative POV and I appreciate being able to read the story without Nicholas' disturbing rituals thrown in the mix.
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Review By: Margie
Rating: 4.0
Genres: historical fiction, erotica
I liked reading Mr. Penn's POV. You learn about his family issues which makes his attachment to Nicholas and the Ignazio family all that much more understandable. Unfortunately, there is no torture in this one. It's very clean, like the character the story follows, so I guess that makes sense. Also, by doing that, I feel the writer is trying to imply that Mr. Penn isn't as aware of Nicholas' let's say "habits" as Nicholas seems to think. Hmm... That could cause some serious tension, I think. And perhaps be a game changer for Nicholas' feelings toward Mr. Penn? Or the other way around??

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