Thursday, October 27, 2016

Love's In The Cards Romance

Love's In The Cards

By: Becky Lower
Genres: Romance, Women's Fiction

DESCRIPTION: Penny Beedle’s outlook on Christmas, as her favorite holiday, was destroyed by a messy breakup years earlier and a botched wedding last year—both on Christmas Eve. But since she and her sister now own a greeting card store, and the holidays are their crazy selling season, she has to put on a happy face.
Del Madison has loved Penny since kindergarten. Commissioned by a big greeting card company for a line of Christmas and Valentine’s cards, he has to emerge from behind his alter ego and unveil himself to the public. He chooses Penny Beedle’s shop for the big reveal. If he plays his cards right, he just might gain Penny as part of his life.


Rating: 5.0
Holiday romance lovers, come take looksie! Penny is a heart torn sap who needs a good old fashioned love story to cheer up her sour christmas spirit! Luckily for her, Del is just the cure she... hasn't really been looking for??
Aside from charming holiday romance and well done kissing, this book also dives head first into the art of non-romantic relationships. Abbey is Penny's sister. By the way this is written, you can tell Penny loves her sister very dearly. It is too sweet, like, adorable how bad she feels keeping a secret from the darling thing. Then there's, of course, Penny's mother. Yuck. Who's a total "need to know" when it comes to her daughter's life. Not my favorite character in the world, but Penny does give her a little sass at the end there, sooo who can really complain? Eventually, Penny does decide to fess up to both her ma and sis, which does a wonderful job of tying up this holiday fic. (Pun intended! Not the sexy kind, but the gift-wrap kind!)
"Love's in the cards" is a cute holiday romance story.
Penny is the real deal. She's been loved, she's been hurt, and she's not above keeping her business her own. I like that in a main character. Makes them so much easier to relate to when they've got a little sass to them, don't you think?
Anyway, this novel is about heart break, healing, and sweet sweet romance! Or novella, I suppose? It's a little on the shorter side, but that just makes it easier to read since there's no "filler scenes" eating up the pages.
I'd for sure get this for a hopeless romantic around the holidays. I need more holiday romance in my life. Especially since it's getting to that time of year, you know? This is great for lonely saps like me. Don't have a boyfriend? Grab a book, ladies and gents.
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