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Hope Science Fiction/Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

Hope, A Study In Scarlet

By: L. W. Brook
Genres: Science fiction/Suspense/Mystery/Crime

DESCRIPTION: Someone has taken to falsifying records, destroying careers, and killing innocent citizens to bring people with similar names and backgrounds as those of the Old World Sherlock Holmes stories together. Forced into this twisted game, Hope and Watson have no choice but to make sure this classic's rewrite doesn't end in their own demise.


Rating: 5.0
Hope. I love the symbol Ms. Holmes' nickname adds to the story! All "hope" certainly seems lost when bodies dressed in scarlet robes start piling up without a lead. Gregson and his newly transferred partner, Lestrade, have no idea what to make of it until Hope shows up at one of the crime scenes, a pipe in hand.
Immediately, Gregson and Hope feud to give readers an insight on their relationship before she was let go for supposed harassment charges on a somewhat recent murder. She's taken in for questioning but eventually let go on a technicality thanks to her government official brother, Mycroft.
On the other side of London, throughout all of this, Dr. John Watson runs into an old buddy. They drink and eventually Dr. Watson rants about his strange gun shot wound and release. I love this version of Dr. Watson. He's a middle aged gentleman with grandfather-like habits that make him so so so endearing! The relationship between Holmes and Watson is a lot like the older movies with Rathbone and Bruce, if you've ever seen those old films! (Just Hope is a lot colder and less open, I guess?)
I would have preferred more violence for this murder mystery but I have to give it five stars since it made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions. Hope and Dr. Watson are two quirky characters who work really well in this copy-cat killer murder mystery!

Mary Beth
Rating: 5.0
The bromance between Holmes and Watson lives on through this futuristic retelling of their classic meet!
As always, L.W. Brook takes readers to a world of her own creation!
After a great and devastating war, London is in shambles. The people have done their best to piece what was lost back together, but the puzzle is still far from complete.
Hope (William Sherlock Holmes Scott-- it's a nickname, I believe) has just been let go from her job as a forensic analyst at Scotland Yard. Supposedly, it's due to her harassing the detectives on their "blatant disregard for the facts" but as she's drawn further in, Hope realizes that has very little to do with it.
Someone else is the cause of her wilted career, as well as one Dr. John Hamish Watson's.
They, and a handful of others, have been set up to partake in a game this will inevitably get many innocent civilians, and likely themselves, killed.
This series is new, it's exciting, and it is certainly one hell of an original take on a classic!

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Rating: 5.0
This is one of those books you have a hard time putting down. Immediately you're taken to 2414, in the healing ruins of London City, where you meet Detective Gregson and his fresh out of diapers partner, Lestrade. Good old humor does well to break up the intense crime solving, strained (or rather forced) relationships, and tragedies that are bestowed upon the post-war city of "After World" London. It's a unique world L. W. Brook takes us to, and I find I enjoy it.
Although this is a Sherlock Holmes story, Hope is NOT Sherlock Holmes! In "Hope", Sherlock Holmes is a fictitious character. His stories? Myth. The copy cat serial killings in this story book character's honor? Very real.
Hope is an anti-social, border line sociopath who constantly loses herself in her work. Because of her background in forensics, she becomes an object of obsession for this "Moriarty" wanna be.
One of my favorite lines went something like "Well something tells me he doesn't find my character very important!"-Dr. John Watson (after having been poisoned and shot at)
Yes, Dr. Watson has been drawn into this, too. But not in the original way.
Purposefully shot and released from the military Doctor Watson is proof of just how much power "Moriarty" has. He can destroy lives and careers in an instant. And although he seemingly wants Hope and Watson to solve his little puzzles, it's obvious he's mostly just toying with them. Like dolls in a 221B dollhouse.
So it begs the question... Will Hope figure out Moriarty's game... or will she and Dr. Watson continue to play pawns until they're inevitably discarded?

Rating: 4.0Everyone loves a classic Sherlock Holmes tale. Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson will forever quest to find truth and solve crime...
This is not that tale. This is something very different.
Instead of Sherlock Holmes you're thrown Hope, an ex-forensic analyst of Scotland Yard and accused serial killer. Instead of Old London, you're thrown far into the future where history is scarce and what little remains is considered sacred. Some of what remains are stories. Classics that have been passed down through generations. One of these classics? You guessed it. The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes.

Hope is an odd, socially inept woman with a complete disregard for normalcies. Her full name? William Sherlock Holmes Scott, which makes her a perfect candidate for a psychopath's game of copy cat murders. Harassed into following up on the clues that appear on her doorstep, Hope runs into ex-army doctor, Dr. Watson, another player in this dangerous game.
Neither know who this supposed "Moriarty" character is, but both know he has enough power to destroy relationships, careers, and even lives.
This is the introductory novelette of the series Hope, A Study In Scarlet.
It's an interesting, funny, and unexpected re-telling of a classic. I recommend it for Sherlock and murder mystery enthusiasts.

I received a free copy of this novelette in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 4.0
I was pleasantly surprised by this series. I read both this story and it's sequel, "The Adventure Of The Engineer's Thumb" before writing this review. Both had unique twists that threw me off at first, but came together quite nicely by the end. It's a mystery/crime/science fiction piece of work that takes place in the year 2414. The base of the happenings in this story is the fact that a "Holmes" addict has decided to reinvent the classic crimes with a variety of new elements that are constantly throwing Hope and Watson off.
Hope, a.k.a. William Sherlock Holmes Scott, the adoptive sister of the infamous Government official Mycroft Holmes, starts off thinking this will be an easy, if not entertaining case to solve. After all, it's based off of a work of fiction, right?
This Holmes addict not only wants to recreate the murders, he wants to change them, as well, which makes the man unpredictable.
Unable to back out, Hope and an injured victim, Dr. Watson, are forced to keep up with this game despite it's dangers and Detective Gregson blockades at every corner. It's an interesting play off of the original Sherlock Holmes stories and a much needed change from the typical murder mystery.
I look forward to the continuation of this series and particularly finding out just who "Moriarty" is, exactly.

Rating: 4.0
Very unique take on Sherlock Holmes!
William Sherlock Holmes Scott was taken in by Mycroft Holmes' family at an early age. However, she strays from that name at every chance she gets. Instead, this genius goes by "Hope", despite people constantly feeling the need to call her otherwise.
In this scifi, Sherlock Holmes isn't real. He's a character is a book that's been forgotten by most after what must have been quite the war. Still recovering from said war, London finds itself in a vulnerable state.
Still, criminals will always be at large.
The most dangerous one just happens to be one of the few Sherlock Holmes fans still left in the "After World".
This man, who calls himself Moriarty, tracks down anyone and everyone he can find with similar names and backgrounds as the Sherlock Holmes characters. Once he finds them, he cripples their lives and brings them together to start his psychotic game of cat and mouse.
It's a dangerous game he's playing, for he nearly kills one of the main players before the game board is even set up!
Not to worry, though, Hope has a few tricks up her sleeve and a forensic genius's mind. She won't quit until this crime is solved and Moriarty is institutionalized.

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