Friday, October 28, 2016

Hiding Thriller Romance


By: Katherine McDermott
Genres: Action, Romance, Thriller

KINDLE: $4.99

DESCRIPTION: Teresa Worthington escapes her abusive boyfriend, Alex, and flees to Paris to pursue a dream career in art. Alone and wary of men, she gradually makes friends and explores her new home. She is distraught to learn that Alex is still stalking her but is determined to create the life she has always wanted. 

Handsome, compassionate, and brave, Serge Gervais, a young Frenchman, slowly wins her trust. He shows her the sights of France and promises to protect her from Alex. Teresa finds herself falling in love for the first time until the unspeakable happens. Alex tracks her down and forces her into the catacombs beneath the city. Will Serge find Teresa in time to prevent Alex's vengeance?


Mary Beth
Rating: 5.0
Hiding, as the title suggests, is about the life of Teresa, who runs to a foreign country in an attempt to hide from her crazy, abusive ex lover, Alex. This is a suspense and fluff packed story that has readers experiencing a variety of emotions.
You feel the fear and anger in Teresa as well as the hope, doubt, and trust that later develops over the course of this novel.
It's a slow, steady process, and because of that I found Serge and Teresa's relationship very believable.
Hiding takes you on a journey of mystery, romance, and action that does nicely to explore the development of Teresa's trust.
The French scenery and lifestyle was also explored quite nicely. I've never been, but by the words and phrases used by this author, I felt at home with the comfortable French setting. It sounded both pleasant and safe, which I thought was perfect for helping soothe Teresa's fear/doubt.
Up until Alex appears it's a nice, steady ride. But when he does eventually find her, the story takes a darker, heavier turn.
The words appear to speed up with the new found action, forcing you to turn page after page until you're faced with the resolution!
It was nice to have the change of pace toward the end, there, but I certainly loved the romantic fluff leading up to it.
I recommend "Hiding" for fans of fluff, mild action, and romance!
-Mary Beth, Good Books With Tea Blogger

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