Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fireworks Romantic Short Story

FIREWORKS By: Denise Alicea
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Description: After Sarah’s grandfather passes away, it’s up to Sarah to pack up a lifetime’s worth of his possessions as she comes to terms with her grief. As she goes through his possessions, she finds a picture. The faded black and white picture seems innocuous at first, but something draws her towards it. As she studies the picture and the man inside it, she forgets her grief momentarily. 

However, there’s more to the faded picture of a soldier in 1940s New York than she realizes, and soon she unexpectedly meets him—but he hasn’t aged a day. As they get to know each other, Sarah’s feelings begin to grow…


Rating: 4.0
Genres: Romance, chick lit, short story
The story of soldier James and Sarah is a sweet, but short one. It starts off at a steady pace, then picks up when- WOAH- a guy from the 1940's suddenly pops up in Sarah's apartment! And not just any guy... A well mannered soldier/Sarah's grandather's best friend from war. It's implied her grandfather, who has recently passed, is the cause of this mysterious happening, but who can be sure. If it was, her grandfather is one hell of a matchmaker. I would have preferred a little more hesitation and doubt on Sarah's part, but I know this is a romantic chick-lit, so I suppose I have to give it a pass for that. If you like romantic short stories, you'll probably like Fireworks by: Denise Alicea.

Mary Beth
Rating: 5.0
Genres: Romance, short story, scifi
It's sweet, it's short, it's romantic- it's my kind of story.
After losing her grandfather, Sarah fears she's also lost the only man she'll ever love. Her luck with men is far from the best, but old gramps isn't going to leave his baby girl all alone. No, he's sending her a hunky, well mannered soldier from his time in the war. That's right. James, the soldier. The romantic plot here is fast paced, but this is fiction. I mean, when's the last time your grandfather sent you a WW2 vet with perfect hair and biceps? Exactly, it's fiction. 
This short story is wonderful, as are are all of the characters. James is Mr. Perfect, Jill is that best friend everyone wants to have, and Sarah is the most endearing damsel you could ask for.

Ratif: 3.0
Genres: Science Fiction, Romance
This is a sugar sweet story for the feel-good love sap. It's about time travel, falling in love, and both fearing/mourning the loss of someone you love.
Understanding Fireworks is a short story, I found it was too fast for me. I felt like it was over before I got a chance to connect with the characters.
Sarah was the only one I felt any real sense of connection with, and that was mostly because she lost her grandad. I wish there had been more here so that I could better relate to the characters. Vivid flashbacks and more suspense, I feel, would greatly benefit the impact this story has on it's readers. Please note that this is merely my opinion as a reader/reviewer.

Rating: 4.0
This is a very sweet, but very short, read. The theme here is time travel. Despite it's shortness, I didn't feel the actual character introductions, themselves, were rushed. You have time to get an appreciation for the main character and learn a thing or two about her grandfather and the man she inevitably falls for, as well. I wish in the actual meeting there would have been a bit more suspense/less acceptance when it came to the time travel theory, but this is a short story so I understand the speed is going to be different than that of a full length novel. All in all this is very cute!


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