Saturday, October 29, 2016

Dark Deliverance Paranormal Romance

Dark Deliverance

By: Tamela Miles
Genres: Paranormal Romance

DESCRIPTION: Elle Connor's life is as grim as she had always feared. Years of demon slaying have left her with nothing to show for her trouble. She's convinced a "normal" life was never meant for her.
Patrick Holt wants nothing more than to be away from the holy wars and has lived quietly for years as an average human. The trouble is that he's anything but average--he's a fallen hybrid angel. When Tagas the guardian angel pairs them up to investigate the brutal slayings of young women in Los Angeles, Elle wants nothing to do with Patrick. As Elle and Patrick begin to understand each other, irritation is forgotten and fiery passion ignites between them. "No ties" is how they both live, but Elle soon begins to long for much more. As they become sucked deeper into the mysterious killings, Elle fears that, in this battle, Hell will win.


Rating: 4.0
Dark Deliverance is a paranormal romance about Elle and Patrick, a couple of demon hunters who live ordinary lives when they're not out protecting the world.
Elle is a very strong female role model, which I loved. It's so hard to find good, powerful, and yet still vulnerable and realistic, female role models in stories these days. I was more than pleasantly surprised by this teacher and hunter.
Patrick is a passionate angel with a heart of soul. Despite his species, he's more humane than most. This becomes more and more apparent as the story and relationship between these two characters progresses.
That said, this story is on the shorter side. It focuses more on the relationship than the demon hunting, but the romance between Elle and Patrick, I will agree, needed a slow, attentive build.
At first, both try to fight the attraction, but they're helpless to the bond that grows between them.
I would have liked to have read more action in this story. Nothing too graphic, but just a little more on the slaying would have satisfied my paranormal sweet tooth.
All in all this is an excellent, fast paced novelette that is written in a sure fire way to hold the reader's attention until the very end.

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