Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Consoling Angel Historical Romance

Consoling Angel

By: Denise Alicea

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DESCRIPTION: Mira wants nothing more than to hide away from the world and its cruelties. Overcome with grief for the loss of her father and burying herself deep in school and her internship, her one respite is her admiration for the Hollywood actor, James Dean, an admiration she shared with her father.
Although Dean is long dead, Mira wishes that she could meet him and tell the actor just how much he means to her. As she closes her eyes on another day to sleep and escape reality, her wish is about to come true… But when she finally meets the Hollywood hunk, it presents her with the most difficult decision she has ever had to make…


Mary Beth
Rating: 5.0
This is very sweet! Not only does it play off of history well, it doesn't exactly change it, either. Mira is a sweetheart with big dreams of some day becoming a famous writer. She's kind of a nerd and not at all interested in the boys her best friend keeps trying to set her up with.
Because of her father, Mira feels a sense of attachment to one James Dean, the extraordinary actor her pappy always wished he could be like.
So imagine her surprise when she not only wakes up to find herself in the 1950's, but has a run in with young James Dean, as well!
It's just what she needs after the loss of her strong, loving father.
This is a very cute (historical fiction) short story with a little dash of spirituality to get this story to come full circle!

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